Small Wedding at Outback Fantasy Park, Menomonee, Michigan

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Outback Fantasy Park Wedding
Menomonee, Michigan Wedding Photography
Outback Fantasy Park, Menomonee Michigan Wedding
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Small, Intimate wedding photography Wisconsin
Small, outdoor wedding in Menomonee, Michigan

Many of the couples we meet with have weddings that walk the line between “elopement” and “small wedding”. Sometimes they’re destination Door County or destination to another city, sometimes they have no bridal party or just one very special attendant. Sometimes the guest list is just them and their parents, or their kids, or their best friends. When Steph contacted me, she was one of those brides with an “in between” sort of small wedding elopement.

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Since covid a new term has been coined for these in between weddings: micro-wedding. Steph’s plans were a 20 person guest list at a destination location in upper Michigan, and a casual bbq for the reception. (This all sounded amazing to me as small weddings are our absolute favorite!) She mentioned the location was Outback Fantasy Park in Menomonee, Michigan, which I had never heard of. After a quick Google search I found out that it’s a little bit of everything. It’s not strictly a wedding venue, but they host them; it’s not strictly a group campsite, but you can.

Outback Fantasy Park Wedding, Menomonee, Michigan

Arriving there, everything was so beautiful and green. It was tucked away beyond a residential street in a place you certainly wouldn’t expect to find that much space or privacy. There was water, woods, pergolas, bridges, and a shelter. There was room to explore and spaces to gather in. It was the kind of place that made me want to hitch up my camper and plan a family reunion!

Steph and Eric’s wedding ceremony took place under a pergola near the edge of the woods. They said simple, beautiful vows, and exchanged a kiss. We took photos of them with each of the guests, and as their families set up the food, Steph and Eric wandered the grounds with me taking portraits of the two of them, so cozy and in love.

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We love getting to explore new venues and hearing nontraditional ideas for how couples imagine their weddings. We’ll be happy to be back at Outback Fantasy Park for a wedding any time!

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