Personal Post: Fun Weekend with the Puppies!

by | Jun 17, 2013 | Other

We spent this weekend up in Door County puppysitting my brother’s dog, Echo, the fluffy little mini aussie in all the photos with Pieper.  We weren’t sure what we were taking on since they like to spend 90% of their time together wrestling and we planned on having them in public all day, but it ended up being a wonderful weekend.  We took them into Sturgeon Bay to see a couple bands perform at Steelbridge Songfest, grab some coffee and walk around downtown.  The puppies were super good, just laying down, listening to the music and putting on their sweet faces in hopes of getting attention from concert attendees.

After a little picnic, we headed up to Ephraim for Fyr Bal Festival (which is the Scandinavian tradition of “burning the winter witch” to signal the end of a long winter – much needed this year!)  We walked down to Anderson Dock, let them do a little wading in the water at the beach and headed back for the bonfire lightings and fireworks.  It was a little drizzly but that didn’t stop the show, and we still set up our blankets and wrapped up with the puppies.  Pieper and Echo loved exploring all the new places and meeting the many people, and we loved all the attention two cute puppies bring. 🙂

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