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Paris_Photography_France_Travel_Eiffel_Tower_WanderlustI’ve been doing my best to sort through thousands of photos and think about how to share our recent travels with you. In an attempt to organize my thoughts, I am just sharing about Paris in this post, and I promise pictures from Marseille and Germany soon.

I wish there was a way I could bring with me more than the images we took – tastes, sounds, and smells too – so that I could fully describe what it was like to sit in a Parisian street cafe at night with a glass of wine people-watching.  Or maybe what it was like to walk along the Seine, espresso in hand, and be surprised by a Victory Day parade rounding the corner of Notre Dame.  There was train hopping, monument climbing, museum wandering, and lots and lots of food.

I feel like I have been waiting for Paris forever.  There was a class trip when I was 17 that was cancelled due to lack of interest (apparently my overwhelming level of interest didn’t make up for low enrollment), and a few years after that there was a holiday in England with promises of New Years celebrations in Paris (to no end).  It had evaded me, and I, like so many others, was in love with the enchanting idea of The City of Light.  When we met American expatriates in our travels, they said the same thing: they were simply drawn to Paris, lured in by the idea, in love with the reality, and decided to stay.

We rented a little apartment in the St. Germain arrond.  It was small and white with a large window that opened to a courtyard.  Outside the building, the street was lined with cafes, crepe stands, restaurants, and a short walk away was the Seine River.  I loved the museums – seeing amazing works of art that I spent so much time studying in college, and stumbling upon pieces I hadn’t seen before and adored. The symmetry of the gardens and monuments was beautiful, and nearly everything we ate was incredible.  The serenity of dinner where each part was meant to be savored (conversation included) suited us well.  We loved the hush of nearby tables chatting amongst themselves mixed with the buzz of street noise and the romance of simply having the opportunity to experience Paris.

Ben asked me what my favorite part was, and I can’t put my finger on it.  I can tell you the museum I liked best, or the dining experience that stands out most, but I can’t tell you what my favorite part of Paris was, because it was Paris. Thanks for following along with us!

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