Peyton Turns ONE YEAR!

by | Sep 9, 2011 | Other

Baby Petyon has been with us since before he arrived in this world. We did his mother, Paula’s, maternity pictures and have seen him every three months since then. Two weeks ago we celebrated his one year birthday in style. With balloons, cake, and a “number one” it was a second little birthday party. Sharing this moment with he and his family was very special to us since we have gotten to know them so well over the last year. It is one of the most wonderful things to see a little newborn baby grow up, learn to roll over, sit on his own, and now venturing out on his first steps. Peyton has developed his own personality, always quick to laugh and smile, showing off those long curly eyelashes. For his one year photos he shared some of the spotlight with his sister, Addison, and was a good sport about letting us get him good and messy.
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  1. jmoods

    What cute pictures! Peyton is getting so big 🙂

  2. dreamhealthy

    Big Boy Peyton, We love you from the heart of Texas

  3. skurek95

    Very cute! I love the pics of Peyton and Addison together!

  4. skbake

    SO CUTE!! They both did a great job!

  5. HZoch

    Super amazing pictures! Priceless! I can’t believe Peyton is one already! Such a cutie pie. And Addison is a doll too. My favorite picture is the one with the baby blue zip-up . . . love that color!!

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