Portraits: family photos at green bay botanical gardens

by | Jun 26, 2018 | Family

Ten years ago on this day, Emily and I were in Italy together studying art history and printmaking. It’s strange for me to think about years later with graduations, weddings, homes, art-making, jobs, and babies filling the time in between. Now we photograph Emily’s family and she watches our baby, Juniper. There are all these versions of ourselves keeping in contact though memories and photographs, and I can remember exactly what it felt like to sit side-by-side sketching in Florence, or walk the streets while trying to make up rhyming songs about what we were doing (something Emily was always much better at than I). Now the photos include our families and the rhyming nonsense songs have a captive audience (Charlotte, Nora, and Juniper). So amazing how time works.

Happy first birthday, Nora!

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  1. Susan

    Love the photos and the memories!

  2. Pam Huck

    Sassy Nora and Princess Charlotte! thanks for capturing my son and his ladies with all of their perfect personalities.
    Love these!

  3. Allyssa

    Oh sweet Nora! And a beautiful family! I love her yellow dress! Amazijg photos as usual 🙂

  4. Ryan

    Who are these people!?!

    Jk these are beautiful pictures, Allyssa is right they are Amazijg

  5. Emily

    Lovely photos. Really captures the happiness of the family and the cuteness of Nora.

  6. Caché

    So cute!! Happy birthday Nora!!

  7. Doug Huck

    Definitely Awesome and Amazijg, and Amazing

  8. Whitney

    Amazijg photos. Nora and Charlotte are beautiful girls. Great family pics.

  9. Emily Huck

    Thank you again, Kasey and Ben! They are beautiful!!

  10. Pamela Huck

    Love that sassy girl Nora, and Pricess Charlotte. Beautiful pictures of Graham and his lovely ladies.

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