Portraits: hazel turns eight months

by | Feb 13, 2015 | Family

Green_Bay_Child_Baby_Infant_Studio_Family_Portraits_Photos_WisconsinThere is nothing so fun as a little one who is full of expression!  I love this age, where babies start to play, giggle, and imitate.  One minute Hazel would be very serious, taking in what was going on around her, the next, she would be laughing and smiling (showing us those two tiny teeth).  Somewhere in between there were smirks and scrunchy little stinker faces, and full body shakes of excitement! So many good things, and far too many photos to share on the blog. 😉  Hazel is the spitting image of her mommy, and we love her wild, curly hair and big, blue eyes. She did such a great job for her photo session, and we can’t wait until her one year session fast approaching in June!

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