Sweetpea’s Winter Promotional Photoshoot with Jayden and Tripp

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We love working with Sweetpeas Clothier in De Pere for our modeling photoshoots every couple of months.  The turnover is so fast, that there is always something new and exciting to catch my eye each time I go in.  As a lover of fashion and photography, I think I have a little too much fun getting to select outfits for each session; it reminds me of playing dress up as a kid.  Jayden and Tripp were our models for our winter phototshoot, and they made the process such a blast.  Tripp is a little spitfire, full of energy, but never losing his smile.  Jayden is exactly what we look for in models, a girl who gets genuinely excited about trying on the new clothes, and of course like every girly-girl, the shoes!  We loved getting to work with them both, and couldn’t help but melt over Tripp’s baby blues, or Jayden’s gorgeous natural curls!  Thanks for modeling for us!

Check out Sweetpea’s in De Pere or online at: www.lovesweetpeas.com

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  1. Keogh15

    I want to see more pictures of these kids on here! These pictures turned out great!

  2. EvieRuth

    Very well done, the kids are adorable and really show off the clothes. Makes for a great promotion.

  3. Tim Neuman

    What cute kids!

  4. Sara Neuman

    Thanks again for these wonderful pictures! They turned out amazing! Excited to get them on my walls!

  5. Linzi

    I’m jealous of her hot pink shoes. What a cutie!

  6. Dan ''Spiffy'' Neuman

    My favorite is the one of the two of them together.

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