{ Teresa + Arnold = MARRIED! }

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Teresa and Arnold had the perfect day for a wedding.  The weather was beautiful; all morning the sky was heavy and full of drama, changing from gray clouds to sun and back again.  We had that perfect overcast light for all our photos, and just as we finished, the sky broke forth with ample good-luck, wedding day rain. 🙂

Teresa and Arnold are the sweetest couple you can imagine, gentle towards each other in their words and actions, soft-spoken, and affectionate.  It was nothing but a joy to be a part of their wedding day, seeing them profess their love for one another, and promise eternal devotion.  The cathedral where they were married was the perfect setting – lovely in its tradition, thoughtful in its manner, and celebratory in its mood.  The day was special for everyone involved, knowing how strong the love is that binds their hearts together. Congratulations Teresa and Arnold!

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