The {B} Family’s Fall Lifestyle Photoshoot

by | Oct 25, 2012 | Other

A little over a year since our first visit to the Bousley Family’s Camp Six, we returned to document it in all its fall glory.  The day was gorgeous: the sun shimmering off the water, orange and yellow leaves on the trees, and that perfect crispness in the air that lets you know autumn has arrived.  It was amazing to see how much the kids have grown up in one year, Luke was even walking with us and suggesting photo ideas!  It is so special to photograph a family doing the things they love in a place they love, it makes for photos that truly express who we are.

Last June the family’s cabin had freshly painted drywall; now it has a finished kitchen, a cozy wood stove, and two kids bunked up and excited to show us their rooms.  It’s amazing what a year (and many hours of hard work) can do!  One thing that hasn’t changed is how much each person in the family loves to spend time up there hiking, fishing, and of course, sitting around a warm campfire.

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