The Bousley’s Camp Six

by | Jun 29, 2011 | Other

In mid-June we traveled the long and beautiful journey up to Armstrong Creek where the Bousley family has their Camp Six. Steve Bousley had the privilege of getting to spend time there growing up and now the family can call it their own. They are putting the finishing touches on the cabin they built – adorned with wood floors, decorative glass light shades, and the perfect summer screen porch – so they can spend their summers in solitude. All this work can be attributed to Missy and Steve as well as Steve’s stepfather and countless other talented people who share their lives. Luke and Emma are grateful for it as well. Never have two children gotten to explore so much. As we arrive they are playing “light sabers” with two long sticks, and as the afternoon continues we are shown the canoe floating gently on the lake, fishing demonstrations, and of course sticky s’mores faces around a cozy campfire. The finishing touch was the eagle that took flight above the lake as if on cue. This family is truly blessed to have one another, and of course, their stunning Camp Six.
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