The { K } Family’s Fall Portraits

by | Nov 1, 2013 | Other

Fall family photos get to be such a blast because it isn’t just about dressing nice and standing together; it’s about running in the leaves – tossing them high in the air and snuggling with those we love to keep warm.  It is wonderful working with the {K} Family; they are always excited to try new ideas with us.  For fall we decided to do family photos with a little lifestyle infusion – capture the personalities of these little ones just the way they are.  Carter cracks us up with his big laughs and desire to be right at the center of whatever we are doing.  Morgan is bright and watchful – keeping an eye on what her big brother is up to, and giggling sweetly for just a few words said in her direction.  Watching those two kiddos together, it just makes you guess at all the wonderful trouble Carter is going to lead them into as they grow older.  They are sure to have some amazing adventures!

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