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We love Edit Salon in De Pere, and the moment you step into their downtown space, you will too.  Amber and Ashleigh gave us a few minutes of their time last week to pop in and ask a few questions that many brides have on the brain when deciding on wedding hair and make-up. Here’s a little information about the salon, and some advice from the experts!

 What would you like people to know about Edit Salon?

Edit is a co-owned urban salon in the historic district of De Pere. Our space is designed to be relaxing and open-concept to make it comfortable.  We decided to open Edit because we felt it was time to fully invest ourselves in our clients and be responsible for our craft. Our salon is about offering clients more personalization in terms of products, amount of time, and pricing, thereby providing better service.  Working together is great; we love our space in downtown De Pere, and we love being stylists because we get to use our creativity to help people feel better about themselves.

Where do you find inspiration?

Truthfully, Pinterest. It’s fun to look through images, get ideas, and take them to the next level.  Everything we see we can personalize and make our own.  We follow other stylists and get inspired by clothing as well.  For weddings I always want to know what someone’s dress look like so we can draw on the style of that.  I love when brides come in with color samples, hairpieces, make-up or even show us through some of their pins.  A lot of our clients have more alternative styles, so we are often influenced by vintage looks and retro/modern styling.

 What’s the best piece of advice you would give to brides?

Research. I would suggest an idea board, even if it is just about shape or details.  Pin anything that interests you, and comment on it so you remember why you pinned in, and what you liked about it.  I would suggest this for make-up especially since people are less accustomed to having professional make-up done.

How far in advance of the wedding should couples think about booking their stylist?

Four-six months.  Saturdays book up quick, especially at smaller salons like ours. After you book, it’s a good idea to schedule a trial up-do to allow you get to know your stylist, explain some of your ideas, and change anything that didn’t work for you.  It’s a lot like trying on your dress before the wedding day, and it will relieve a lot of stress.

I also suggest doing a trial run for make-up.  In order to look natural in pictures on your wedding day, you should wear more make-up than you would regularly, so it’s a good idea to get used to how it will look.

How much time should brides budget for hair and make-up on the wedding day?

About two hours.  It’s best for us if they wash their hair the night before for a smoother look during styling.  For make-up just arrive with clean, moisturized, skin.  Then bring in a bottle of champagne and relax. (Or let us take care of that too with a light breakfast and mimosas!)

Are there different situations in which you would suggest hair down, up, or half-up?

I almost always suggest hair entirely up.  Obviously you have to choose your favorite style, but I suggest up-dos because at the end of a long day hair-up styles will still look great. (Even at ten o’clock when you’re shaking your groove thing.)  It will hold up better to wind, rain, and humidity, so it’s always my suggestion.

Do you have a favorite hair and make-up combination for a timeless look?

Yes, I feel like a subtly contoured-eye with a light lip color and sun-kissed skin has a really classic, natural look.  For hair, I like a fuller up-do that is soft around the face with loose curls.

What are some beauty tools brides should keep by their side?

Lip color, q-tips for eyes in case of tears, loose powder and oil blotting cloths for shine, bobby pins and hairspray for hair, and deodorant if you can fit it.

Any secrets for pre-wedding prep for healthy hair and skin?

I would suggest getting into a good cleansing and moisturizing regimen; facials are great if you have the means.  This will help with evenness and texture of your skin.  If you color your hair, get that done two – three weeks before the wedding so that it is well-blended but you don’t have roots.  This would also be a good time for a hair trim and eyebrow wax.  The groom should get his hair cut one or two weeks before the wedding, or at least come in to get trimmed around the ears and on the back of the neck.

Outside the salon I suggest sunscreen and investing in a quality foundation for healthy skin. The day before the wedding be sure to drink plenty of water which will give your skin a good glow.

What are current wedding style trends? What would you like to see more of?

Natural looking make-up, big sleek buns, and hair extensions (which we offer here) are popular. For make-up I would like to see more people enhancing their best features rather than trying to look like someone else. We really want to accent your natural beauty by playing to your strengths.  Your groom is marrying you and choosing you for who you are, so you shouldn’t try to look like someone else…just the best version of yourself.

Final tips…

Do what you want, and don’t let others take away from the dream you have for your day. Oh, and hire Kasey and Ben as your photographers.

You can find Amber and Ashleigh in downtown De Pere at 123 South Broadway or give them a call to schedule an appointment 920.351.3230 .

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