Green Bay Community Church and Riverside Ballroom Wedding

by | Aug 24, 2018 | Weddings

Brittany and Tim had a long road leading up to their wedding day. After an incredibly romantic courtship and proposal, they faced medical issues and the loss of loved ones, and we could read in their hearts how much they looked forward to their wedding day as not only a symbol of their love, but also the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

Green Bay Community Church Wedding

Brittany and Tim are deeply caring and always thinking of others, and so it came as no surprise that their wedding was filled wall to wall with friends and family ready to celebrate their wedding day.

Riverside Ballroom Wedding, Green Bay

After the couple got ready, Brittany had a first look with her grandfather and father-in-law, followed by a prayer circle with her bridesmaids. The ceremony was held at Green Bay Community Church with picture stops at Lambeau Field and Pamperin Park before arriving at their reception at Riverside Ballroom in downtown Green Bay.

Lambeau Field Wedding Photography

The entire day was filled with personal touches with every detail planned to match the theme. It was a beautiful day with two wonderful people. Congratulations, Brittany and Tim!

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  1. Carol Pansier

    Simply stunning photos.

  2. Emily

    LOVE! Your wedding was amazing!

  3. LuAnn Matuszak

    Congratulations Beautiful pictures to loving people

  4. Marie Sumnicht

    What a beautiful story book wedding and a beautiful couple! Blessed to know them both!

  5. terri villiesse

    love what they did with the bridal party on the stadium steps. best group picture i’ve seen in quite a while.

  6. Beth Sechler

    These pictures capture your wedding day beautifully! Congratulations!

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