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by | Nov 4, 2014 | Weddings

Door_County_Wedding_Farm_Field_Brussels_Catholic1 Door_County_Wedding_Farm_Field_Brussels_Catholic2When I arrived for Courtney and Cody’s day, I was expecting the usual chaotic buzz that comes with last minute wedding preparations.  Instead, I walked into a room filled with family and friends laughing, teasing, and smiling without any worries or concern.  I think it comes from being women and families who have known each other long and been through a lot together: weddings and babies, victories and losses.  There was a familiarity between them, a sense of knowing what needed to be done without having to ask.

Throughout the afternoon I noticed how attentive everyone in the bridal party was, and how humbled Courtney and Cody were to have such a loving circle with whom to share their day.  Even with a large guest list, everything about the day felt personal – the ceremony, the speeches, and the interactions between everyone in attendance.  When the church is filled to standing room only, there is no question of if there is love there.  There is so much love that the building is bursting at the seams to contain it.  It was a blessing to document your day, Courtney and Cody; cheers to many happy adventures ahead!

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