Welcome New Baby Isaac + Ethan Turns Six!

by | May 10, 2012 | Other

Getting to be a part of a newborn baby’s life from day one is one of the best parts of our job.  We see them when they are still small and fragile – adjusting to this big new world they have now become a part of.  Many times this new baby is the first and turns a husband and wife into more than just a couple, he makes them a family.  Such is the case for Jacob and Trish who have welcomed new baby Isaac into their lives with open arms.  Never have I seen a father so excited about his new role in life, and never have a seen a mother take to it so naturally.  It was truly meant to be.

Not only does this baby have two loving parents, but Isaac also has a whole group of family and friends who have been waiting patiently for his arrival and who can’t get enough of him.  One of these is his cousin Ethan who, if it were up to him, would spend his whole day talking to Isaac, waiting for him to get big enough to be a playmate.  Ethan is full of life and energy, and is sure to be the cousin with all the great ideas who will take Isaac on so many adventures as he grows up.  Congratulations to the Depas family on their new arrival, and happy pre-Birthday to Ethan who will be six come the end of May!

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