Welcome, New Baby Ryan!

by | Nov 27, 2013 | Other

Tomorrow is a day of Thanksgiving – a day to count our blessings, and nothing can quite get you in the mood for that as well as a newborn baby. Tiny toes, tiny fingers and a sweet little sleeping smile… there is just nothing like it. 🙂  Baby Ryan was a little older for his session than most of our newborns, but because he was an early arrival, it was just like photographing a week old baby. He was flexible, tiny and spent his entire session in a deep slumber.

 It is amazing to me how much he already looks like mom and dad; he spared no time in telling everyone that he is a part of the family.  Baby Ryan is lucky enough to come into this world with a brother and sister so excited to have him.  He arrived just in time to celebrate all the holidays with them and to be passed around the family so everyone can soak up the warmth and remember when their babies were that small.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and congratulations to the {L} Family!

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